Our Services - Programming

ABC.PRO, Inc. can offer your company part or all of our software development services. Maybe you only need to come up with a flow chart or a layout design of the program you wish to develop? Or maybe you already have the idea drawn up, but just need to have someone create it? Well, we can handle it, whatever the task. There are seven steps involved in the creation of a custom program. Some of these steps can be omitted in certain cases.

Analysis - The first step of this process includes interviewing any key employees responsible for using the new program and possibly researching the software being used currently as well. During this phase, we will be analyzing how your company's data will flow through the program. This particular portion of the job is billed separately from the rest of the project at ABC.PRO's current hourly rate. In most cases, a quote will be issued to the customer for the analysis stage shortly after the initial consultation.

Design - After the analysis is complete, deadlines will then be set for the rest of the steps involved in creating your program. The most important step in developing a good software product is that of design. This includes how the database will be set up as well as any interface prototyping. This step becomes the foundation of your program.

Development - The development step is both tedious and time-consuming. Not only is this the time to enter all of the information that will let your program know what to do, but it also the step where we test that it works. We test, test, and re-test all of our programs to be sure they are as "bug free" as possible. More work now means less work later!!

Implementation - At this point, we will install your new program at your facility. We will handle any data conversions and make sure the switch goes smoothly.

Training - ABC.PRO, Inc. will set a date and time to come out and make sure that your employees know how to use your custom-made program. If needed, we can arrange to have several training classes. We are also available to come out and train any new employees you may hire if those services are ever required.

Documentation - ABC.PRO, Inc. will supply the number of User's Manuals agreed to in the original contract. More manuals can be ordered for a nominal fee if needed.

Support - User and system support will be available to each of our clients